Professional Editing Services for Photographers


I am a photo editor. I edit & retouch images for professional photographers. I work with images from weddings, events, portraits, newborns, lifestyle-portrait photography, etc. As a pro photographer myself for over 10 years, I know exactly what you go though and how time-consuming this type of buisiness can be. Over the years I have really dialed in my own editing and retouching process. I can help photographers like you, save more of your valuable time by taking care of this part of the job for you! Let me take something off your plate, so you can get back more time with your family and get back to doing the things you love most!

Essentially you are buying back your own time.

I know what you’re thinking. The idea of outsourcing your editing is a scary one, and you wonder if anyone else can edit your precious images as well as you. I get it. Your shoots are your babies! I would suggest that not only is employing a private editor well worth the money, but having someone with the time to give your images the TLC they deserve will actually benefit your business. After working together a couple of times to fine-tune edits to exactly their liking, most photographers begin to like their private editor’s edits even better.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Photo Editor:

  • Add to your clients’ positive experience, by getting their images back FASTER.
  • I give you your time back so you can get back to your life.
  • Free you up to focus on the areas of your business you want to focus on MOST.

I Provide You:

  • consistent color correction
  • one on one attention (I only take on a few clients)
  • quick return times
  • custom artistic approach taylored to match YOUR brand and style
  • a simple, easy system in place to collaborate on files
  • straightforward and easy monthly billing, with a flat rate per image

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of working with me and what it looks like, I’m happy to give you a custom quote, based on the number of images you need and the time frame you need them completed in. Fill out the form below and I will schedule a time with you to connect over Skype or Facetime, to give you a quote and see if we are a good match.