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Enchanting Beauty: Auburn Bridge at Sunset ~ Travel Photography (Auburn, CA)

“Each person is created with an intrinsic desire to
experience and possess beauty. Inside every soul is
hidden a breathtaking beauty and glory that is just
waiting to be captured, and is part of an inspiring
story just waiting to be told. This wonder and
fascination with beauty is a piece of what makes us
who we are. We all want our breath taken away and
to be nothing less than enchanted.” Read more…

The Open Window ~ Lifestyle Photography

An open window revives the soul as the breath of heaven washes over our dusty hearts. It is a reminder that there is more beauty beyond the place we are comfortable with.May purity, hope, & love sweep into the dark corners of our hearts. May God continue to draw us out and beyond where we exist today. May we never lose the wonder of the possibilities in God. Read more…

Capturing St. Louis ~ Travel Photography (St. Louis, MO)

Brand new city to explore. So much to see and do and taste. Just me, my family, and my camera, adventuring we go. See the gallery slideshow below (it may take a moment to load): Read more…

Scott & Kristine ~ Engagement Photography (San Francisco, CA)

Kristine and Scott, Congratulations! As one of my oldest and dearest friends, and one of my newest, I am so happy that you two found each other and have so much love together.     Read more…

The Fire of Sunset ~ Landscape Photography (Roseville, CA)

Oh the fire of sunset. You take my breath away. You are an extraordinary display of God’s beauty, and a daily reminder of how small and fragile I am. May we never lose the eyes to see the little pockets of joy God leaves behind for us to discover each day. It is an example of God playing with his creation. Read more…

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