5+ ways to build a relaxing mood in your home {after a long hard day of work}

5 ways to build a relaxing mood in your home, after a long hard day of work.

Think of your 5 senses when getting yourself in the mood for sleep, or the weekend. After watching my daughter all day this is a treasured time for me when I can recharge, refocus, and have some much needed me time or couple time. This is important with a little one in the house because we are often so focused on her, our evenings are sometimes the first time when we can focus on each other, say hi, and talk about our day. Read more…

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DIY Paper Snowflake Guide

So last year here in Southern Illinois we got a ridiculous amount of snow well before today, but this year our snowy blanket of white is continuing to elude us. Luckily I came across this great guide by Vintage Junky for making your own decorative Paper Snowflakes, and even includes a few printable templates to […] Read more…