Military Family

Baby Emma’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated my daughter Emma’s 1st birthday over the weekend. We don’t have family around right now, because we moved in 2016 for Jay’s job in the military. I considered throwing her a little party out here with a few of our friends, but honestly there was something really appealing about just doing an intimate […] Read more…

My Life Inventory: A stream of memories… the world through my eyes.

I am currently going through a blogging course called Write Your Worth by Alicia Cain. She is guiding us through the process of finding our unique voice and telling our story. This Life Inventory is one of our first activities, which is to go through our memories and document what you saw, felt, did, experienced. Even if your observations were of big world events or something you witnessed happening to someone else, you were still present for them and experienced them, and what you saw became a part of who you are. Here is my list:
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Happy Independence Day : What today means to a Political Refugee now US Citizen

I am so grateful to be able to live in this country and call myself a citizen. After coming here from Romania in 1990 as political refugees from the Communist Dictatoriship in power at the time, our family has a special understanding of what freedom means to us. My parents gave up everything to bring us here, and give us a better life.

After living someplace where your life was at risk if you were a Christian, and where we were denied many other freedoms we take forgranted sometimes now… I am very passionately protective of our liberties here in the US. Read more…

First Weeks at Home as a New Mommy {Plus Raising Babies in Romania}