My Life Inventory: A stream of memories… the world through my eyes.

I am currently going through a blogging course called Write Your Worth by Alicia Cain. She is guiding us through the process of finding our unique voice and telling our story. This Life Inventory is one of our first activities, which is to go through our memories and document what you saw, felt, did, experienced. Even if your observations were of big world events or something you witnessed happening to someone else, you were still present for them and experienced them, and what you saw became a part of who you are. Here is my list:
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Guest Post : A Heroic Love

My Husband was my First Kiss ~ Part 2

It also helps to keep the philosophy that any boundary you set is very easy to cross over even with the best intentions. We are human and it is in our nature to push things too far and slip up. We all do it, it happens, and though it is not God’s best for us, He does have boundless grace and redemption for even our messiest mistakes.

Knowing how human nature operates, if you decide you want to wait to have sex for the first time until your wedding night, don’t make your boundaries while dating “we won’t ever let ourselves have sex,” because you KNOW we all screw up. Set the boundaries well before you even get close to that point. I guess that is my advice. Read more…

My Husband was my First Kiss ~ Part 1

I had always established in my mind that if and when I ever dated, that I would not kiss a guy unless I knew I could marry him, and I would not have sex until my wedding night. It was not enough for me to like a guy, I had to know his heart. I was taught to be very protective with my heart, and I think this approach protected me from getting attached to people who were wrong for me or would have hurt me…I wanted my first kiss to be with the man I was going to marry. Insane, right? Read more…