There is a call for prayer today, now more than ever: The battle rages, and revival is coming!

Thoughts on Trump’s Refugee Ban from a Daughter of Refugees

So one week into office, President Trump initiates an executive order regarding Syrian refugees, and both sides and the media have gotten incredibly passionate about it. As a Christian and an American, with so many of today’s issues I feel the heavy burden of BOTH polarized responsibilities, the refugees and our own citizens, the mother […] Read more…

How to Navigate a Shaky Political Environment without Completely Losing your Mind

Negativity is a trap. It’s like a weight around your neck, and is very addicting. Once your start down that path, its hard to stop. With everything going on in the USA right now, its easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, and even easier to get sucked into the negativity. (I get it! Its rough […] Read more…

I did it! Finally got my college diploma.

I’m the first person in my family to get a college degree. I know this means a lot to my mom and dad as well. They are both very smart and educated and have built very successful businesses here in America after sacrificing everything for us to live here. It was always a dream of theirs, as well, for me to get a degree someday, so I would have options they didn’t have… Read more…

Seeing others through the eyes of Heaven

Happy Independence Day : What today means to a Political Refugee now US Citizen

I am so grateful to be able to live in this country and call myself a citizen. After coming here from Romania in 1990 as political refugees from the Communist Dictatoriship in power at the time, our family has a special understanding of what freedom means to us. My parents gave up everything to bring us here, and give us a better life.

After living someplace where your life was at risk if you were a Christian, and where we were denied many other freedoms we take forgranted sometimes now… I am very passionately protective of our liberties here in the US. Read more…

A new year, a new chance at developing a nourishing diet lifestyle

First Weeks at Home as a New Mommy {Plus Raising Babies in Romania}

Scumpa and scumpa mica: Raising a Bi-Lingual Family

“Scumpa and scumpa mica.” The other day, Jay stopped what he was doing and looked over at Olivia and I with a smile, and said that simple sentence. Loosely translated this is Romanian for “sweetie and little sweetie.” I had no idea he had picked that little phrase up. Read more…

Just an introduction