Let the evening come, and the day’s burdens go

“Lord, we let evening come & let go of the weariness, of the edginess,
let evening come & let go of the weight of things done & not done, said & not said, held tight & not held tight enough.

We let evening come & let the day’s burdens go
and linger with its blessings… the grace of Your caress in forgiven things.”
#HonestPrayers #1000Gifts — with Urmilla Dias.
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Paint : The Inspiration to be Brave

Paint. The word makes me feel excited about possibility and potential,
but also terrified of at the same time. What am I really afraid of… in art? In Life?

I am afraid that if I step outside the bounds of what is normal, safe and accepted…
if I explore my braver, more creative side,
I will discover that I am a failure… that I am ordinary and insignificant.

I am afraid of uncovering the truth that I operate on wishful thinking
and that deep in my core I am really no good.
I am afraid people will see right through me
and discover that I have no idea what I am doing. Read more…

Overwhelmed Mommies, Finding Ever-Elusive Balance

A little moment of honesty: It is really hard sometimes to take care of myself and the home as a first time mom. I put everyone else’s needs first. It is so hard to find time to do simple things like shower every day, brush my teeth (I know, yuck), much less do my makeup. And most days my hair is a disaster or the carpet needs vacuuming. I can’t remember the last time I scrubbed the toilet or even attempted a workout. Dishes and laundry seem to never get done. They may seem like simple things to someone else, but everything all together feels overwhelming at times, and so I think some weeks I just check out and stop trying. If I feel like everything as a whole is too much for me to handle, I just let go of all the little things all together. Read more…

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ~ DIY Holiday Nail Tutorial

So easy to do your nails this way yourself. Perfect for a holidays party? I would say so… Or use it as a finishing touch to prep for a Holiday Photoshoot! Trust me, little details like this matter when it comes to creating a unique, out of the box photoshoot. Happy nail decorating! I love […] Read more…