Allowing God to Name You ~ Turning Your Ashes into Beauty

Don’t let your past heartaches and disappointments define you. Today is a new day and His mercies are new. He calls you up and out of your past. He names you beautiful, beloved, and redeemed.   Our job is to seek out what God has named us, and operate in that new name, going forward. Our actions and […] Read more…

The Bible is not about us. It is about Him.

It is The Story of a God who created in love, who revealed Himself fully through Jesus, and who accomplishes His purposes and His glory through a relentless, magnificent outpouring of grace and mercy on the likes of us. It is a redemption story, and though it is our redemption story, it is still all about Him. It is for His glory… Read more…

Prayer doesn’t always come naturally

Seeing others through the eyes of Heaven

What is really important to you? How to protect it.

One day at a time ~ Living in the moment

When No One Knows Your Name

I felt like I needed to share something that has been on my heart lately. I have been rereading my almost illegible scribbles in my journal on this experience for a few weeks, trying to decide whether I should share it or not. I finally gave in and did it… so here it is.

For a few months now, I had been feeling very much like I don’t matter, or that I am a failure, that I don’t fit in, and am insignificant and unknown. I have felt very lost and unsure what I was supposed to be doing, and how I fit into His plan for me. Read more…

Do You Trust God When You Have To Wait? ~ SheReadsTruth

The First Promise of the Messiah ~ Advent 2014 Day 1

This is a story of Redemption. And it goes all the way back to The Garden. When man falls short and creates a huge gap between God and His children, and when God announces His plan and promise to redeem His children, and someday bridge the gap once again. He gives hope, and begins making the Way…

…God’s first question was “Who told you that you were naked?” His first reaction was one of heartbreak was over innocence lost and the impending separation that was about to come. His reaction was not one of condemnation. And was one of anger towards whoever was responsible for manipulating His words and leading His children astray. Read more…

O Come, Let Us Adore Him ~ Jesus is Calling (Advent 2014)

He invites us to His nativity. To see God take on helpless humility for us. To witness centuries of promises and prophecies fulfilled one holy night. You see, the begotten Son of God was actually there, lying in the cold darkness where animals fed, His infinite glory wrapped in finite humanity. He came to that place in time for you, for me, for us. He was there… Read more…

In Search of a Redeemer ~ SheReadsTruth

I Will Recount all of Your Wonderful Deeds ~ Happy Thanksgiving 2014

I have so much to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you have many sweet moments with family and friends this year. Enjoy this Smartphone LockScreen from And these Thanksgiving Inspirations to share, also from Read more…

Nothing Will Keep Me From You (Inspiration from Ruth)

Nothing will keep me from You.
Nothing will stop me from following You — wherever You lead.
Nothing will make me stop loving You, my Jesus.
I want to be with You.
I want to do what You did, speak the words You spoke, feel the passion You felt.
Give me a heart like Yours. Read more…

Let the evening come, and the day’s burdens go

“Lord, we let evening come & let go of the weariness, of the edginess,
let evening come & let go of the weight of things done & not done, said & not said, held tight & not held tight enough.

We let evening come & let the day’s burdens go
and linger with its blessings… the grace of Your caress in forgiven things.”
#HonestPrayers #1000Gifts — with Urmilla Dias.
 Read more…

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