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7-Day Memory-Keeping Challenge for “Starting a Family Journal”

Hey friends! I’m launching a 7-Day Memory-Keeping Challenge for “Starting a Family Journal.” With Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years on the horizon, this is the time of year families are wanting to enjoy that quality time together, and documenting memories is a high priority this time of year — so its really the perfect time […] Read more…

My Life Inventory: A stream of memories… the world through my eyes.

I am currently going through a blogging course called Write Your Worth by Alicia Cain. She is guiding us through the process of finding our unique voice and telling our story. This Life Inventory is one of our first activities, which is to go through our memories and document what you saw, felt, did, experienced. Even if your observations were of big world events or something you witnessed happening to someone else, you were still present for them and experienced them, and what you saw became a part of who you are. Here is my list:
 Read more…

What is really important to you? How to protect it.

Blogging… Why it Matters

Maybe its time for many people to rethink the way they feel about bloggers, and realize that in many ways blogging is indeed a worthy ministry or cause. The internet is a battlefield, and we need more writers with positive messages of hope, truth, and love. Read more…

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Paint : The Inspiration to be Brave

Paint. The word makes me feel excited about possibility and potential,
but also terrified of at the same time. What am I really afraid of… in art? In Life?

I am afraid that if I step outside the bounds of what is normal, safe and accepted…
if I explore my braver, more creative side,
I will discover that I am a failure… that I am ordinary and insignificant.

I am afraid of uncovering the truth that I operate on wishful thinking
and that deep in my core I am really no good.
I am afraid people will see right through me
and discover that I have no idea what I am doing. Read more…