There is a call for prayer today, now more than ever: The battle rages, and revival is coming!

The world is a mess right now. Our nation is on the verge of destruction from within. There is so much hurt and offense, and hate being flung around by God’s children. I am on the verge of tears just about every day observing the divisions right now. I’ve never prayed as much as I am right now, because I’ve never felt so — just heartbroken.

I am praying right now that God continues to raise up his people to be intercessors and add daily to the army of those on their knees. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of this dark world, after all — and I think some of us forget that. I strongly believe the enemy is manipulating people on either side of many of today’s issues and twisting our good value… twisting bits of truth here and there just a little bit to turn us against our own brothers and sisters. He is doing everything he can to destroy both this nation AND his church from within.

There is a call to stand up for truth right now, but I believe we are to do so with discretion and caution, with love and respect, and ONLY after spending time on our knees before the King, and following His leading. (See my recent post How to Navigate a Shaky Political Environment without Completely Losing Your Mind.)

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know the enemy’s plans can’t hold up in the face of our King Jesus and His plan on the earth. I believe we are primed as a church for a huge revival — can’t you feel it? The enemy can sense the rumblings and he is terrified. He knows his days are numbered. Amen!

During worship last week I got a picture of legions of heavenly angels being deployed in this season to come alongside the people of God, and partner with us to facilitate a huge revival, and perpetuate goodwill and glorious signs and wonders among God’s people. I believe the lost are about to have their hearts completely blown away by the unbelievable, passionate love the Father has for them. If they only knew how much He loves them… Ahhh, I can’t stand it.

Jesus is coming soon, for His bride. No one knows the day or the hour, but I feel this burden and heaviness of things going on in the spirit and I can’t help but wonder if the time of Jesus’ returning is near. But first… I feel God is going to use His people to bring in the lost by the masses. He will pursue them unrelentlessly with His love, and He wants to use His people to partner in this mission.

I feel there is a responsibility in this season to be active and be a part of the solution, not just in words, but with our actions.

Do you have a heart for refugees? Put together a collection drive with your church or a group of friends for basic necessities to be sent to refugee camps.

Have a heart for the unborn and the mother? Find a single mother to love on… volunteer at a counseling center or a shelter.

Does your heart break for the homeless or hungry? Serve in a soup kitchen or buy a few restaurant gift cards to give away when Holy Spirit leads you.

We may have limited control over national policy, but regardless of where you stand on national issues, there are things we can do to make a difference. Show the love of Jesus for the one, pray for the one, share hope with the one. And as a new friend of mine recently told me, God will expand your borders and influence, but we always focus on the one.

I encourage you to share a prayer below, and join in with me for the lost and for this nation!
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