How to Navigate a Shaky Political Environment without Completely Losing your Mind

Young Men And Women Showing Unity

Negativity is a trap. It’s like a weight around your neck, and is very addicting. Once your start down that path, its hard to stop.

With everything going on in the USA right now, its easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, and even easier to get sucked into the negativity. (I get it! Its rough out there.)

While I absolutely believe we are called to speak the truth at times, there is also great value in building bridges and being peace-makers.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

“Wisdom is the discernment to know which tool to use at the right time. God is teaching many of us in case by case moments, which approach we should use: Truth-bearing or Peace-making.”


How to navigate and survive a shaky political environment and all the negativity without completely losing your mind (in this order!):

Step 1. Pray: Seek the Father’s Heart. Listen to what He is trying to say. Hear what He’s trying to teach you. Search scriptures for what He is trying to reveal to you. Invite Him to challenge your thinking, even if it might end in acceptance of a way of thinking that runs opposite to your natural bent. Time on our knees matters now more than ever!

God’s truth is often complex, and doesn’t always fit into the neat black and white boxes we try to make life fit into. And certainly doesn’t fit neatly into what the conservative or progressive media is telling us. God is our ultimate authority, not the news corporations. Go ahead, check in with the news to give you an idea of what to pray for and brainstorm ways you can be a part of changing things for the better, but as you get your information ask God to show you where the bias lies and to reveal reality behind the agendas and manipulation of news corporations.

Step 2. Go: Do what He’s telling you to do. Is there something you can do today to make things better? Is there something you can do to impact even one person and show them the hope of Jesus? Is there someone in your sphere that needs to be heard? Listen. Do your part. Make it your goal to speak truth, life, hope & love… “but the greatest of these is LOVE.” All four are meant to be in harmony with one another, with the ultimate motivation being love.

This will probably look different depending on your background and philosophies, but that is ok. As long as we are out there being Jesus’ hands and feet, and loving those around us, its ok if each of us does things differently. That’s what being the Body of Christ means, everyone has their own unique role to play, and perspective to bring. I love that this country allows us the freedom to be able to bring our own unique best to the table, and to contribute to society in our own unique way.

Step 3. Let it go: Have boundaries. Choose hope. Trust that He will work it all out for good.

Maybe turn off social media for a few hours, or even days if necessary — if it helps you maintain the right perspective. If you find yourself feeling in a funk, remove yourself, temporarily. Go to the secret place and allow the Father to fill you with His love, and show you that He’s got this!

…Tomorrow, repeat.

XO, Paula Bianca

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