Unsure if You can Believe in God? This is for You…

I realize not all my readers believe in God, much less a loving God for that matter. If that is you, can I ask you something?

Could it be that you are unsure because Christians like me are imperfect people too, who sometimes do and say things that hurt others? I hope nothing I’ve ever done or said has turned you off from believing in a wonderful God.

Could it be that maybe you’ve misunderstood who the real God of the universe is, what He is like, and how much he truly loves you? What He gave up for you to be loved and free?

Could it be that maybe a lot of us have misunderstood how a God can be powerful, sovereign, and at the same time good, when this world is so messed up? Did you know that the missing piece is a couple of things called free will and true love? The two go hand in hand, and are the key to all of this.

True Love frees. True Love does not control. True Love pursues. True Love protects. True Love inspires and True Love leads. True Love, continues loving when it is not returned, hoping for the Beloved to return, freely.

Our Father God is the full personification of this radical love. And He wants you to know Him. His Son Jesus died so you could KNOW Him, and conquered death so you could BE WITH Him.

I just felt like I needed to share that with you, dear readers! I’m ok not being politically correct — sometimes you just gotta be you! If you have questions about God or want to talk more about this, please leave me a comment below! I’m happy to chat and spread the love.


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