Black Friday Special on my New e-Book, “The Killer Blog Workflow”

Hey friends! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!! I wanted to announce my brand new e-book “The Killer Blog Workflow” that I am releasing for Black Friday at a HUGE discount!! (Use discount code: BlackFridayWonder2016)

This guide will demystify the blogging process and help you get your awesome content out.

I am super excited about this, and I think its going help save you a lot of confusion and headache in your blogging journey!

The Killer Blog Workflow - Black Friday Special

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Here is an overview of the topics covered in the e-book:

  1. Brainstorm and schedule
  2. Topic selection
  3. Main points or bullets
  4. Expand the details
  5. Read twice for errors
  6. Relevant photos
  7. Relevant tags or categories
  8. Pin-able image creation
  9. Pin-able image placement
  10. Blasting your email list
  11. Social sharing
  12. Instagram it
  13. List of blogging tools mentioned

Pretty cool, right?

But you have to hurry! This deal will expire when the clock hits zero:



 Download Now

Don’t forget your discount code: BlackFridayWonder2016

to get your copy at the Black Friday price of only $0.99!

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