The Process: How I Work with You and Your Baby

Working with families begins even before your little one arrives. Although births are unpredictable and babies are not always born on the exact due date as planned, we will still have a general idea, and I can start preparing on my end. I also understand that you may want a few days to rest, so take your time. The most optimal time to schedule baby’s session is within the first couple of weeks of their birth — between 7 & 10 days is ideal, before that first growth spurt kicks in). Sticking with this time frame will help me capture those “newborn” faces while they are still so fragile, innocent and beautiful, and your little one will still be young enough to be sleepy, tiny and cooperative: the perfect recipe for newborn posing!


If you are too uncomfortable to attend the shoot, due to having a C-section or difficult recovery, you may want to send the baby to our studio with Daddy. It will give him a good opportunity to bond with baby as well. However, if you would like family photos rather than just individual images of the infant, this is something we can discuss.

Once your session is scheduled, we can talk about your vision for the images. I like to encourage incorporating your own ideas to make the experience personal. Some parents like to bring props, such as little hats, scarves, mittens or special booties and blankets. I also keep props on hand for this special occasion. All items are sanitized in between newborn sessions, because we always keep your baby’s safety and comfort in mind.

Here are a few general tips on shooting your newborn’s photos:

  • Please wait to feed your baby until upon arrival, so that he/she might be more likely to fall asleep after nursing. I have a comfortable place for you to do this.
  • Bring a pacifier or soothie for your little one to suck on.
  • Many of the images we take are “au natural” but we do not want your baby to be cold in between shots, bringing a favorite soft blanket is a good idea. My studio lighting also feels warm and will not harm your little one in any way. I keep a small space heater running so baby will feel extra cozy during the session.
  • If you have any favorite outfits, such as an NFL team jersey, christening gown, or ballerina tutu, etc., please bring these special items with you.
  • For parents, just dress comfortably. You do not have to dress up. You can wear a blouse or a nice top if you wish to have any pictures with the baby. We can shoot the images from the waist up. Neutrals, pastels or white work best, if you plan on being in any of the shots.

Please be prepared to sign a model release, as I often use newborn images within my portfolio and will not do so without parental consent. Most parents are more than okay with this, but if for any reason you do not want me to showcase your infant in my collection, please let me know in advance, and I am happy to address any concerns you might have.

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