What to Wear for Your Photo Session: Tips for Selecting Your Wardrobe

A lot of people ask the age-old question, “what to wear” or “what not to wear” to their photo session? After all, these photographs will become a staple in your family frames and albums for years to come. Choosing timeless, yet appropriate attire will lend to the positive outcome of your photo shoot.

If it’s an indoor session, choosing soft, warm colors can be very pleasing to the lens. Outdoors, you can opt for bolder colors, earth tones or contrasting, such as big stripes paired with a solid color. Pinstripes or small dots generally do not photography well. Wearing accessories can add a nice touch, but keep in mind that accessories that are too big may overshadow your face. The rule of thumb is, if it reflects your personality or style, its ok to break this rule. Its just good to be aware of how it may impact the final photo.

Feel free to text or email me before your shoot if you need help with your styling, or if you have questions. That’s what I’m here for!

Here are some general tips to follow for selecting your wardrobe:

  • Choose soft colors, such as pink, light blue, lavender, yellow, etc. for dreamy looks
  • Choose bold colors such as red, black, dark blue, purple or orange for dramatic looks
  • Minimal accessories are best, as too big or too many can detract from the image
  • For children, bring outfits that have a lot of creativity behind them. They can be fun, layered looks, sporty, textures (tutus and ruffles for girls look so cute!), jeans, khakis, sweaters, skirts, dresses, etc. “Sunday” wear dress code works well.
  • Avoid character t-shirts, shirts with sayings, etc. unless they somehow fit into the story or message of the shoot
  • Don’t forget the shoes and socks. Men, avoid wearing white socks with dress shoes. Barefoot photos can also be fun! For the women, boots, heels, sandals or dress shoes look great.

I’d love to hear from you!
What are some of your struggles or hangups when it comes to selecting your photo-session outfits?
What are some of your favorite stores you like to shop at to put together your look?


XO, Paula Bianca

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What to Wear for Your Photo Session_ Tips for Selecting Your Wardrobe

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