Teacher Alyssa’s Portraits ~ Headshots | Roseville, CA

My sweet friend Alyssa Love is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She is so much fun, and has the best smiles (See for yourself).

She is an elementary school teacher by day and a photographer by night. She is so full of life and is a major encouragement to me.

I love having a friend I can geek out and talk photography shop with. I had a blast getting these professional shots for her.

Another cool thing about this chick, is apparently she loves to collect vintage cameras. After seeing this gorgeous one she brought to the shoot as her prop, I am dying to see the rest of her collection.


I had a few questions for Alyssa because I know what an awesome heart she has for her passions,  teaching and art:

Me: “Why did you want to become a teacher?”

To have someone believe in you is a powerful thing, very often a life changing thing. I became a teacher so that I could invest in and believe in young people, to give them the knowledge and insight that they do have what it takes and it is possible for them to get out there and turn the world upside down. I became a teacher to create little world changers, really.

Me: “Why art/photography is so important/special to you?”

The reason that art, especially photography, is important to me as a person is that it forces me to slow down, pause, and look at something beautiful. Our world is so incredibly fast-paced that we often miss out on the beauty of ordinary things because we are racing past them to get to our next work day, appointment, etc. I believe these beautiful, ordinary things are worth stopping to see. As a teacher, art is important to teach my students because it models this stopping to pause and wonder at the world around them. After all, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” (Edgar Degas)

If that doesn’t give you hope for teachers today and the next generation, I don’t know what will. Her responses were just beautiful, and I think she is the same world changer she wants her students to be.

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