Guest Post : A Heroic Love

Medieval knight against hill full of crosses.

This story is my own. I was born a hero, and her a heroine.

I will not be silenced, or become a victim.

I am a fighter. I fight for love, for freedom, and for justice.

I believe in the victory, and the power to overcome.

We have not been forsaken, but have been given a name.

Our brothers and sisters are not the enemy.

The enemy is cunning and sly, and brings only destruction.

You, my friends, my allies, are stronger and more resilient.

We believe in something bigger than anything in this world.

A battle that has already been won.

A truth that has already been told.

— Thoughts inspired by the book Love & War by John & Staci Eldredge

Walter Bere is a Musician/Songwriter who loves Jesus. He also happens to be my little brother, and I am very proud of him. He blogs at The Condition of the Heart and he was a beautiful way with words. He shared this collection of thoughts with me the other day during a discussion we were having about relationships and the book Love & War. I convinced him to share his beautiful words here for you all to read. I hope they make your heart come alive like they did mine.

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