Allowing God to Name You ~ Turning Your Ashes into Beauty

Don’t let your past heartaches and disappointments define you. Today is a new day and His mercies are new. He calls you up and out of your past. He names you beautiful, beloved, and redeemed.  

Our job is to seek out what God has named us, and operate in that new name, going forward. Our actions and our language need to be in alignment with the language of Heaven.

The world and the enemy will try to tell you who you are. When they call you defeated, unloved, hopeless, and broken, remember what God has named you.

When we bad talk ourselves or allow the pain of the past to define us, we are in contradiction with the language of heaven, the story of heaven, and the beautiful image God is making us in. Remember that you are so precious to Him.

I refuse to live another day in agreement with the lies of the enemy. I chose to be loved and to be free.

Jesus died to free you from the bondage and heartbreak of the past and give you a new name. Now go and walk in it!

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