I did it! Finally got my college diploma.

So, this happened! Super proud. I now have an associates degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences, and a 2nd associates degree in Arts and Cultures!! 


I’m the first person in my family to get a college degree.  I know this means a lot to my mom and dad as well. They are both very smart and educated and have built very successful businesses here in America after sacrificing everything for us to live here. It was always a dream of theirs, as well, for me to get a degree someday, so I would have options they didn’t have and hopefully I will be able to stand on what they have built and what they have taught me by example. It is funny though, I learned so much more from watching them work hard and follow their dreams than I did in my classrooms. Thank You Dad, Mom & Jay for supporting me through this process over the years. 

After changing my major multiple times and moving in and out of state losing credits that didn’t transfer or fit, I finally finished and have something to show for all the years of college.

YES! I did it.

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