What is really important to you? How to protect it.

At least three times a day take a moment and ask yourself what is really important. Have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answer.
— Dr. Lee Jampolsky

There are way too many distractions in our busy lives these days that try to occupy us and keep us from investing in the things we truly care about.

Getting off track doesn’t happen intentionally, but it is so easy to slip into these crazy patterns where we fill our hours with “fillers” of anything and anyone else who demands our time and passions.

It takes a purposeful approach to protect what matters most to us, and asking ourselves what is important throughout the day (multiple times, even) will help us maintain a clearer vision of how to give of our heart, energy & talents.

  • It helps us determine where healthy boundaries need to be set.
  • It helps us know when it’s ok to say no.
  • It helps us make a difference in our areas of influence and where we are best gifted.
  • It helps us remember to make people a priority.
  • It keeps us from looking back on this season years from now and only remembering a few distinctive happy moments with our loved ones.

My most important priorities or values right now are: 

  1. My faith: spending time talking with & listening to Jesus, learning more about Him and what matters to Him
  2. Quality time with family or close friends
  3. My writing & my art (photography) — includes my business 
  4. Serving my community with my church body

What are your most important priorities in this season?

I find I have an easier time living the life I want to be living when I put my values right in front of my face so I don’t get off track. 

Try writing a few important values out and putting them on your mirror, make them your phone screensaver, or even make a timer on your phone where those values pop up to keep you thinking about them. 

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