O Come, Let Us Adore Him ~ Jesus is Calling (Advent 2014)


I’m so excited!! The SheReadsTruth December’s Advent 2014 Devotional Series, “Come Let Us Adore Him” is here. I hope you join in and study with me!! (http://www.shereadstruth.com) You won’t be sorry!

Excerpt from SheReadsTruth’s Advent 2014 Devotional Invitation:

You are invited. You are welcomed by God Himself into this season that is like no other—a time of anticipation, expectation and repentance. A sweet season of invitation.

The hard part is already done! The daunting act of making the first move is covered. Jesus came to us first. He came to the manger then and He comes to your side today. The invitation is yours to accept.

He invites us to His nativity. To see God take on helpless humility for us. To witness centuries of promises and prophecies fulfilled one holy night. You see, the begotten Son of God was actually there, lying in the cold darkness where animals fed, His infinite glory wrapped in finite humanity. He came to that place in time for you, for me, for us. He was there…

Do you hear this invitation, friends? Do you hear the Savior calling you in close, calling you from all corners of hope and doubt, joy and disbelief? At home or alone, lost sheep and little children—this is an invitation for all people in all places. Wherever you are and wherever you hoped you might be, He’s not rejecting you, ignoring you or judging you—He’s inviting you. His welcome is all-inclusive. Come to me. Do not be hindered. I will set out to find you—yes, you specifically—and bring you home. You. Are. Invited.


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