Baby Rachel & Mommy ~ Baby Photography (Rocklin, CA)

Snapped a few precious cuddle shots of my dear friend and first time mommy, Beth and her sweet baby girl, Rachel. I love the sweet intimacy between a mommy and baby — it never ceases to amaze me, and makes me catch my breath in awe. You just get the sense that this tiny person is indeed the center of her world, and that she would do anything to protect her precious child. Anything to fight for her sweet girl.

Baby Rachel has had some challenges due to her congenital heart disease. I will be writing more of her story shortly, so check back here for a link to that post.

I took a few minutes to ask Beth if she had any advice for other first time mommies out there. Here are her words of wisdom:

Nothing can prepare you for every little thing when it comes to a brand new little human being. No book will have all the answers. Each baby is unique, different, and an amazing miracle.  A baby will test and push you in ways you always thought you could handle, until you’re sleep deprived. At times you’ll wonder why you thought having a kid was a good idea. That is, until you hold your baby close and he/she smiles up at you. In those moments, everything seems worth it! Those little smiles and snuggles steal your heart and you realize you’ll do anything for them. Sleep deprivation and all.

I wanted to hear a little of her story as a new mommy, so I asked Beth a few more questions:

Me: Do you remember when you found out you were pregnant? What were your reactions or thoughts?

Daniel and I were in the bathroom together when I took the first pregnancy test. After we waited a few min, it formed a second pink line to show we were pregnant. After two more tests and all of them showing two pink lines, we realized we were indeed pregnant. We were both so excited that instead of reveling in the moment together for a bit, we called all our loved ones as soon as possible to share in our joy! After we were done telling our family members we sat down with huge smiles on our faces and talked about it into the night. The excitement, names for babies, the possibilities.

Me: How your life has changed since you had her?

Well before Rachel, I could do anything, go anywhere, anytime. Now I have to plan everything and, due to her congenital heart disease, I have to also be constantly careful and on guard for her. Although stressful and challenging at times, it is so worth the change of life and pace. Her life and her love are so worth all the change. There are not enough words to express how much we love this little girl and how much she is worth to us. Just her smile alone is enough to melt our hearts. Now she’s getting a personality like no other and it’s fun to see her grow up into a little girl being a parent is the best!

Me: Do you have a special message for your daughter to read when she gets older?

To our darling, Everything we have been through together, as a small little family, has been worth it. You are worth fighting for! We love you more then you can possibly understand and will always be here for you.

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Here are the photos… Enjoy!


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