Gurpreet Kaur & Arjeender Singh 5th Anniversary ~ Couples & Family Photography (Roseville, CA)

Gurpreet Kaur & Arjeender Singh 5th Anniversary - Couples and Family Photography {}

This was such a sweet, romantic shoot. We did these 5-Year-Anniversary portraits for Arjeender and Gupreet in a woodsy area of Roseville with a cool bridge feature. It was overcast and the lighting was so pretty. It really made the colors pop! We also got some nice shots of their extended family and their little niece.

Its always neat when clients make a point to honor their cultural heritage in their photoshoots. I felt so honored that they let me take a tiny peek into their culture that day. I love the color combos Gupreet choose, and she did fantastic job on her hair and makeup. And did you see her jewelry. LOVE IT!!

These two are still so in love, and its easy to see even after 5 years of marriage. I wish them many more happy loving years together.  BP signature handwriting

Kaur-Singh Anniversary Collage

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