Gabrielle Jackson in her Pageant Dance Dress ~ Fashion Photography (Roseville, CA)

Gabrielle Jackson in her Pageant Dance Dress {}

This is one of my favorite fashion shoots I did for my dear friend, Gabrielle Jackson, when she was competing for one of her pageants. The Villages of the Galleria on Gibson Drive in Roseville were kind enough to let us do the shoot in their formal clubhouse living room. This was a fun opportunity for me to experiment a little bit with fashion-style shooting and posing. We has a blast doing it, and Gabrielle is always so hard-working and professional, and she definitely knew how to have fun with this shoot. The entire shoot was indoor with natural light, and this particular segment with Gabrielle’s dance dress was shot in from of one of their pretty windows facing the beautiful grounds.

We also shot her in two other outfits, and I will be posting those ones later.

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Gabrielle Jackson is an author, speaker, model and pageant contestant, and founder of the Millennial Solution, an organization that is “taking the challenge of working with Millennials head on and blowing the lid off of what it means to lead this next generation.” She helps businesses tap into their “Millennial talent” and educates to help bring understanding on “what makes them tick.” Her vision is to show organizations ways to harness fresh young employees and shape them into strong dynamic contributors and members of their team. She encourages people of all generations to learn about one another and bridge the gaps between them.

If you are wanting to maximize and motive your younger employees, check out Gabrielle’s website, or contact her about speak to your employees. She will change the way you approach interacting with the younger working generation, forever!

When she is not changing the world with the Millennial Solution, speaking, or competing in pageants, Gabrielle loves to workout, read a good book, escape to the beach, or go on a run with her best dog Bosley!

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