Baby Zoe 3-Month Indoor Shoot ~ Baby Photography (Roseville, CA)

Girly Baby Poses
 Pure Sugar & Spice. This baby shoot was full of so much sweetness – WOW! Sweet Baby Zoe is 3 months old and such a cutie pie. She has the sweetest blue eyes, and tiny button nose, and this sweet shy smile. Gah! And if you know her mama and daddy you know she gets her good genes from them.
And for-serious, I could just die for those tiny adorable glitter-flower shoes mama Crystal put her in. And that pink rosette dress, she looks like a little baby fashionista.
I hadn’t planned on doing any mommy & me shots this time because we already did a few earlier that week at their outdoor shoot, but when I saw how cute Crystal was dressed we decided we just HAD to snap a couple of quick shots of the two of them together.

I took a few minutes to ask Crystal if she had any advice for other first time mommies out there. Here are her words of wisdom:

 For a first-time parent I would say to simply soak up the love that your baby brings in your life and don’t let anything come in between that love and joy.

I wanted to hear a little of their story as new parents, so I asked mom and dad a few more questions:

Me: Do you remember when you found out you were pregnant? What were your reactions or thoughts?

Eric: We were home in Roseville when we did the home pregnancy test, confirmed at Kaiser. Daddy was overcome with joy and gave a wonderful dance for the Lord….

Crystal: When we first heard that we were expecting we were absolutely elated.

Me: How you feel when you first got to see and hold her?

Eric: I saw Zoe first, as there were some complications at the last second. In spite of the complications, I knew in my heart that the Lord had this in his hands. I was overwhelmed with Awe. Crystal came out shortly after and recorded her response. When she held Zoe for the first time she wept in joy.

Crystal: I will never forget the moment when coming out of surgery and locking eyes with baby Zoe. Daddy was so overwhelmed… he waited for me to hold her first. We were overwhelmed with so much joy in our hearts — like never before.

Me: How your life has changed since you had her?

Crystal: Experiencing the birth and living life with our precious baby Zoe has been nothing short of a miracle. We realize her very existence is something we will never take for granted. We have also come to realize the same heart that we have for our baby girl, is the same love that God has for us. That is definitely a major realization we had about our Creator God.

Eric: There was an immediate updrage in relationship in our family an several levels. Infants are immediate bridge builders, so any distant relationships or disagreements/misunderstandings were left in the past and moved toward celebrating our new addition. Since having Zoe, our relationship with each other has reached new summits while deepening and solidifying our relationship and understanding of the Fathers unconditional love for us.

Me: Do you have any advice for your daughter to read when she gets older?

Eric: Remember where you came from, what’s truly important and that our time here on Earth is short. “We are active Spiritual beings, experiencing a human experience.”

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Here are the photos… Enjoy!

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