There is Magic in Every Sunset, and this Breath could be Your Last

IMG_2226_0947EDITEver have one of those epiphanies where you realize the moment you are currently in is so incredibly special, and that you will never have a moment quite like it again? Some days we are so caught up in the hum and drum of life that we forget how unique and amazing each gift-of-a-moment truly is. This breath you are breathing in this sacred moment could be your last… and that makes it beautiful.

I felt so many emotions when I saw this sunset. I pulled over on my way home so I could just soak it in. It made me want to burst into tears and laugh and worship all at the same time. And then it made me want to rush home and hug and kiss my husband and baby girl. I felt so grateful to know such a wonderful and ever-loving God, and thankful for all the precious blessings He has given me that I often take for-granted.

This is how sunrises and sunsets make me feel. I think God specifically designed them with the human soul in mind, knowing we would need some kind of a breathtakingly gorgeous natural display of His glory to snap us out of the numbed-dull state we so easily fall into, as the weight of our responsibilities and worries seem about to crush us. But it is all an illusion. In fact, life is a vivid, exciting, awe-inspiring experience, given to us to reflect a Holy Being our souls are just dying to know more about. Every moment is a treasure, if we take the time to see it for what it is – A Gift.

After reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, I have been inspired to slow down and enjoy moments like these, and be grateful for the gifts that they are. I need more moments like this to snap me out of the numb state I sometimes live my life in, but I also want eyes to see the gifts in EVERY moment, not just the sunset moments.

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