Dancing Water at the Roseville Fountains (and other budget-friendly & fun things to do)

Here is some of my photography of Roseville’s dancing water attraction at The Fountains in Roseville, CA. The Fountains is one of my favorite places to go when its reasonably cool. Every 30 minutes, the fountains will start the actual show, and you can watch the water dancing programmed to music. Its very pretty at night too, when the lights come on. I think its kind of a neat spot to do a romantic photoshoot, maybe for an engagement or an anniversary, or with a bunch or friends before prom or homecoming.

There is a kid’s train ride that goes around the main fountain block twice, and if I remember correctly it is only $2 or $3, and kids 3 and under ride free with a paying adult. Or if you come on Tuesdays, train rides are free for everyone! My daughter and her friends love the train. There is also a playground and a splash pad for those scorching summers days we are used to in Placer County.

I love Crazy 8’s for stinking adorable kids clothes and shoes (I forgot to mention this when I first published this — thank you Michele for the reminder) They have really awesome prices but the styles are a little more upscale. I even bought a pair of flats for myself this year, and YES I can fit into kids shoes. After having a baby, that is the one part of my body that DIDN’T change.


If you have pets, the place is very pet friendly! Petfood Express has self serve dog wash station and one of those cool flowing water bowls out front.

There are so many cool shops and boutiques to wander through, including my favorite store, Anthropologie! (Hey a girl can dream.) Whether you can afford their clothes and house-ware items or not, its still nice to walk through and just be inspired. Sur La Table is fantastic too, if you are cooking-obsessed like me.


They have a Whole Foods as well, and while I can’t afford to shop there for groceries, their food court area has quite a few reasonably priced options for lunch, including their fresh thin crust pizza — Two slices for $5!! Not too shabby. They have made-to order-hot sandwiches and burritos/wraps.

There is also a Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I love the outdoor patio seating. It is a perfect place to grab a coffee or tea with a friend and take a load off while you chat and people watch. (We all do it.) I have come to love Peets over Starbucks, after my mom drew my attention to the fact that their coffee is much less bitter than the Bucks, but most people don’t realize it because of all the fooffy stuff people usually order take with their drinks.


I’ve also been to the Dave & Buster’s for bachelorette parties with my friends, which is basically Chuckie Cheese for grownups. Pretty cool! People who want to order a drink, can — and for everyone else there is fun and games to be had for all! I recently ate at Yard House for another bachelorette, and my friend and I split an order of their sliders and fries. Its technically an appetizer but it was plenty for both of us, and budget-friendly. We were both surprised how juicy and tasty they were. Possibly one of the best things on their menu?!? And we would know, because we sampled everyone else’s food too.

I like Noodles and Co, as a more affordable date-night eating out option with lots of classic pasta dishes and light on the wallet and a nice relaxed environment. Its a step above fast-food without getting into the pricier places.


Lastly I LOVE Miabella Gelato. I usually get 1/2 raspberry and 1/2 white chocolate, which is divine. Plus, I am fascinated by the fact that their cups are biodegradable. I found this out after taking one home to keep because they are so cute, and they melted after being washed. But extra points for them for being environmentally conscious.

Some places can be a little pricy at The Fountains and I usually only spend money to eat at those places for really special occasions… like your birthday, or my birthday (hint, hint)… but I love that there are plenty of cheaper or free things you can enjoy there, even if you just want to get out of the house and have a nice place to walk around and visit with friends. I’m sure you’ll see me and my daughter around there soon. Probably taking photos or just goofing off.

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