Happy Independence Day : What today means to a Political Refugee now US Citizen

Happy 4th of July!! The US is celebrating 238 years old, from the date we declared independence from Britain. (Its a little sad that I had to google this, hehe.)IMG_3517editblackI am so grateful to be able to live in this country and call myself a citizen. After coming here from Romania in 1989 as political refugees from the Communist Dictatoriship in power at the time, our family has a special understanding of what freedom means to us. My parents gave up everything to bring us here, and give us a better life.

1989 – Coming to America – Bere Family from Paula Willems on Vimeo.

My Family & I Immigrated to America when I was two, escaping from Communist Romania as political refugees. This is the news story of our family being reunited again after a year of separation.

After living someplace where your life was at risk if you were a Christian, and where we were denied many other freedoms we take forgranted sometimes now… I am very passionately protective of our liberties here in the US.

If you ever wondered why I am so adamantly against an excessively strong central government… this is why. I love this country and what it represents, and really believe a healthy balance needs to exist between the states and the federal government for our nation to stay healthy, and offer the best for its citizens. I pray that the US continues to maintain a balanced system that protects out basic freedoms as we move into the coming decades.

May the US continue to be the land of the free, and the home of the brave. God bless our country, and our troops who out there are defending it.

Happy Birthday America!

Enjoy a photo-post from the archives of my photography blog of the Blue Angels Air Show at Scott AFB: http://biancaportraitsblog.com/event-photographer-scott-afb-il-air-show/

What does Freedom mean to you?

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