I am just the Messenger, not the Load-Bearer : A Post about Letting Go

So lately I have been thinking… how many times do I care so deeply about outcomes with other people that I obsess over their decisions and become “naggy?” Or I keep things inside and become horribly depressed. I worry that if I am not involved and continually “remind” others of the truth, they will continue to struggle — and it will be all my fault. Or if someone is in pain, I believe it is up to me to “fix” them. Can you relate?

I am an emotional, intense, and compassionate person. God made me this way intentionally. I often pray for my loved ones, but sometimes the worry keeps me up at night. This burden that  I carry, this heavy load… sometimes becomes too heavy, and I feel overwhelmed.

I am learning that this is not the way God intended me to live. 

I can care for others, empathize, intercede for them when God places them on my heart. But the burden for them was not meant for me to carry continually.

I am studying the Book of Ruth right now with the women over at #SheReadsTruth (SRT is an online women’s biblestudy/devotional resource. You can follow along with us here.) The quote that really stood out for me from today’s devotional was this:

“Sometimes, like Naomi, we want more for our loved ones than we can promise them. When this happens, all we can do is point them to Jesus. He is ultimately the only one who will not perish, who will never leave us, who will provide, who will protect.”


What a relief that is! Wait, so there is someone to cares about my loved one… my child, my husband, my family, and my friends, more than me!?! OH, THAT’S RIGHT!

God, I need to surrender more to you when I start to worry and take on these burdens that were never meant for me to carry.

I am beginning to realize that I don’t have to “fix” people around me.

I don’t have to be their “savior” because you already are.

I don’t have to bear the weight of the world because you already did.

I am just the messenger. I do not carry the load.

I am an initiator. You are the completer.

It is not up to me to ensure others have a good/happy/fulfilled life. My job is simply to love, pass on my best understanding of the truth, be there for them… and then LET GO.

You’ve got this, God! It’s a good thing, too because I certainly don’t.

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