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I wanted to write about what Spiritual Motherhood means to me, as a response to the #SheSharesTruth Writing Assignment based on Titus 2. (Here is the #SheSharesTruth Linkup if you are interested in what other women are learning and sharing about this topic: http://shereadstruth.com/2014/06/12/shesharestruth-2/)

I have an amazing natural mother (Nicoleta), who loves me like crazy, would cut off her left arm for me, and has been an amazing inspiration and guide to me in my young life. (I love you, MOM! XOXO) I am so lucky to have such a special and devoted mother in my life.

Two-Women-Praying1But there were times in my life when I really needed spiritual mothers (I still do). One of these times was when my husband, Jay, and I had to move out of state for his reassignment to Scott AFB during his first enlisted term in the United States Air Force. I have had amazing women of God “mother” me over the years, both before and after this season, but this one was a special time in my life, so it is the one I will share with you today.

This was my first time living away from my hometown and my family. As brand new newlyweds, we bravely set out on this adventure more than halfway across the country, to a tiny town in Southern Illinois in our little white Corolla. With everything we owned shipped out in a moving truck or crammed into our tiny car, we made this significant transition as a new married couple… young, fresh, and not knowing a single soul.

We basically were faced with a handful of major life changes in a very short amount of time, (major career change, moving, marriage) which we tackled without our former support system.

I believe God knew exactly what he was doing taking me out of my home cocoon and my comfort zone, and allowing Jay and I to focus on one another as man and wife for the first time in those first few months. We needed time to figure things out and get into a good rhythm together. 

God also knew I would need some amazing Godly women to come across my path during that season, and stand with me as a woman of God, a wife, and a heart desiring children. He knew I would not be able to do it alone, and He provided a handful of amazing women to love on me and meet me where I was, until He made it possible for Jay and I to be reassigned back to my hometown… and be near my family again.

I can’t say that I had just one spiritual mother during that time, rather it was more like a community of women and specific individuals who saw me and reached out.

Some of these women in particular really invested in me, inspired me, spoke into my life (You know who you are). These “mother” figures gave a SIGNIFICANT amount of their time, invited me into their homes, and encouraged me as a wife, woman, and future mom (I became pregnant with my daughter during my time there). They taught me recipes, inspired me with their home-making, crafting, sewing, thriftiness, the way they raised their kids, loved their husbands, served the church, volunteered in the community, and treasured their quality time with their loved ones.

I made some of the best “sisters” of my life during my time in the midwest, and all of these precious friends I made there I will keep in my heart fondly for the rest of my life. 

But what made some of these certain women “spiritual mothers” to me was the environment they created in which they took me under their wing, built me up, and poured into my young heart.

  • We studied the Bible together, prayed together, laughed together, cried together.
  • They listened to my fears, my worries, my irrational side.
  • They gave me hugs when I was having a  bad day.
  • They took my calls.
  • They called out the gifts and talents they saw in me and encouraged me to use them.
  • They loved me and believed in me. 

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with these women, in addition to my own sweet mother, and they played a big role in shaping me into the woman I am today.

I believe every woman needs to be poured into by other women, and also needs to have someone to pour into. This is why I have such a passion for young women, whether they are single and on a hopeful the path towards their own family and marriage one day, whether they are engaged or newly married, whether they are trying to have children and possibly struggling getting pregnant, or are new to motherhood and need a heart to stand with them, love, encourage, and guide them just like I had.

I want to pay it forward and invest in other women, and am praying for the right ones to be revealed to me. 


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