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The sweetest couple had me photograph their 3-week old daughter for her newborn shoot the other day. Proud parents, Greg and Shawna welcomed their first child, a sweet little girl into their family, and oh, how she is loved! Baby Adonaija has the most precious head of dark hair like her momma had when she was a little one, and it will probably turn blonde like her momma, as well, as she grows up. Momma Shawna had Adi’s Grandma crochet a precious little mermaid outfit for baby Adi to wear, as well as a pink princess crown to go with her little newborn tutu. We’re talking serious cute overload, people!

We shot those, as well as some other classic poses with a handful of newborn headbands and things. They also wanted a couple of nice shots of their wedding band on the baby, those turned out so sweet. I even convinced momma to pose with her daughter in a couple. I try to push moms to be in at least a few shots with their newborns because I know how valuable these photos with their child can be as they grow, and they are shots children love to look back on and see.

Shawna is a former childcare provider and I asked her to share a few words of wisdom for you new mommies and daddies out there:

“My advice to new parents would be to remember that each child is different. Their temperament, the way they do things – is always going to be different from other children. I’ve taken care of lots of different babies and children, and my child is definitely different from any of the children I have taken care of. And thats ok!”

I wanted to hear a little of their story as new parents so I asked mom and dad a few more questions:

Me: “Do you remember where you were when you found out you were pregnant? What were your reactions or thoughts?

Shawna: “Well we had been trying to get pregnant and the month before we got pregnant with Addi, I had a miscarriage. So I used multiple tests to make sure before having another disappointment. But after I knew for sure I made a plan to tell Greg!! I was so excited!”

Greg: “I remember walking into the living room after getting home from work and seeing Shawna standing with a sign and the test. I said, “Are you serious?” and gave her a big hug!”

Me: How did each of you feel when you first got to see and hold her?

Shawna: “When I first saw and held her I was still in shock, like is this really happening, it was surreal!! But after they cleaned her and gave her back for skin to skin it was the most awesomest feeling!!!”

Greg: “When I first saw/held her it was amazing. She was the most beautiful little baby I had ever seen and I was completely in love!”

Me: How your life has changed since you had her?

Shawna: “Well I’ve taken care of other peoples kids for years and it was finally my turn with my own! It’s awesome and I couldn’t imagine life without her. It has made normal things you do on your own more difficult but you just adapt and go with the flow. I could just stare at her all day everyday!!! I’m so in love with her!!!”

Greg: “There’s a little less sleep and a little frustration at times, but there’s so much more joy that outweighs it all. We have so many special moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life!”

Me: “Do you want to say a special message for your daughter for her to read when she gets older?”

Shawna: “Mommy and daddy love you so much and have loved you ever since you were in mommy’s belly. We can’t wait to see what a beautiful woman of God you will become! It’s so exciting. We love you!”

Here are the photos… Enjoy!

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