Blogging… Why it Matters

20140521-233036-84636661.jpgWhen I mention to people that I write a personal blog, I get a whole range of reactions. Some people think its pretty cool (those people are usually either very young adults, in high school, or are writers or bloggers themselves). More commonly I get a reaction like “oh, really?” with the attached raised eyebrow, or confused look.

I will casually mention an article I read on someone else’s blog, {which is quite often as I am obsessed with reading} and start sharing a few cool tidbits I learned recently, and I end up getting some interesting comments, such as:

“Blogging is for people who have to much time on their hands.”

“Bloggers are egotistical and jerks.”


“People blog because they want attention and think the world revolves around them.”

These comments came from people who still are unaware that I write a blog, so I feel it is a pretty truthful reaction since they know of no reason to soften the comment to spare my feelings.

I have begun to believe there are many misconceptions and mixed impressions about blogging. So I am here to come to the defense of this particular pastime, and attempt to share with people why I think blogging matters, why it makes a difference, and why it is so special to me.

I happen to be a pretty avid reader. Always have been. As I child I was a major bookworm. (Which is probably why I adore the Disney Princess Character, Belle.) Seriously.. my parents used to have to force me to put my books down to go play outside, and if I was in trouble, they would take away my books to ground me.

My college years began, and I was soon drowning in reading, though primarily for my classes. I spent many a caffeine enriched late night reading textbooks, organizing my notes, and studying.

Fast-forward a few more years, and I got married and had a baby, so my book-reading time became a true rarity. But I never really stopped reading.

Long chapter books were gradually replaced by shorter articles, blogs, and posts online, which were easier for me to find the time to explore with my crazy schedule.

My reading interests changed as well, from fiction books like Romance, Fairy Tales & Fables, Classics, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Mystery, to more practical topics like Faith, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Organization, Finances, Homemaking, Beauty & Skincare, Crafting & DIY, Psychology & Relationships, Parenting, Fashion, Photography.

These are all available to me online, and I can get my reading fix in small doses when a have a few minutes… or 30, in between laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, running a small photography business, and playing with, feeding, cleaning, or changing my baby.

I particularly discovered Blogs to be a special phenomenon for me. Before I ever started a single blog post of my own, I was a major reader. I loved hearing people’s personal stories, struggles, their expert tips and advice. I gravitated towards those blogs that were positive, uplifting, thoughtful, and genuine. Or at least practical and helpful. I quickly began to see what a supportive community the blogging community is.

I truly believe many of these lovely blog writers genuinely care about their readers and are so ridiculously supportive of other writers. It is very endearing to witness the comraderie as we support one another in our craft. 

Lets face it… the world today is very much a fast-paced, social, and connected place thanks to the internet. In 1997 18.0% of all US households had internet use in the home. In 2012, this jumped to 74.8% of all US households (source:! And I am sure this is even higher today. The internet is here to stay, and is a big part of our lives. 

The problem is, there is so much junk on the internet today. There is all kinds of negativity, cyber-bullying, pessimism, hate, discrimination, big egos, comparing to and competing with “the Smiths”… so it is understandable why a common reaction for a lot of people lately has been to say, “I want nothing to do with the internet and blogs… I am deleting my Facebook, and am going off the grid (or at least social media).”

But a lot of people don’t realize that when we do that… we give up and surrender the internet to all the darkness. There are so many people out there who are alone, in pain, desperate for some hope, truth, clarity, and joy, and many find themselves on the internet when all else fails. People need to be able find a place where they can read, “I’ve been there… it sucks, but there is hope… and it is going to be ok,” whether they are a lonely mom, or discouraged spouse, an overwhelmed parent, a confused or frustrated boyfriend or girlfriend, or a bullied child.

I believe the internet is the last true frontier, so that is why we need more writers to come out, to be brave and real, and write messages of hope, truth, love, and joy.

We need more writers who care about the pain other people go through…

writers who are not afraid to show their true colors, their imperfections…

…writers who know how to give their honest opinion occasionally but do so humbly and in love. 

I, for one, am not about to let all the negativity and darkness win. I write because I have a Savior who loves me, who put hope and joy in my heart, and I want to be able to offer encouragement and comfort and prayer to hurting people.

Not all my topics are about my faith in Christ. I have many passions on my heart, and experiences to share that may help someone… but my faith is a huge part of who I am. It weaves in and out of everything I say, write and do.

I want readers to see a compassionate, perfectly-imperfect person when they read a post of mine.

I want them to walk away feeling uplifted, encouraged, and like they matter.

I want readers to leave my page with new ideas and ways of thinking of things.

My posts may not always be grammatically correct or funny or witty. 

My ideas or opinions may not be perfect, or the only way to do or think of something… but sharing my experiences may help someone try something different after being stuck in a frustrating situation for a long time, or just give fresh life to an old situation.

As for bloggers being full of themselves… I’m sure that there are exceptions to every rule, but MANY bloggers I know are some of the most kind, compassionate, humble, hardworking people, who truly care about their readers. For every negative, egotistical blogger out there, I will show you 10 who are simply not so. Most bloggers put their heart, soul, and emotions into their posts, and it takes a lot of time to work on their craft. 

Maybe its time for many people to rethink the way they feel about bloggers, and realize that in many ways blogging is indeed a worthy ministry or cause. The internet is a battlefield, and we need more writers with positive messages of hope, truth, and love.

So if you have previously found yourself putting some of your blogger friends in a box, or are beginning to realize you may have been unintentionally judging them… I hope that I have been able to help you rethink your feelings about blogs, and the people behind them. 

Want to show some love for a blogger today? Seriously… the biggest “love language” for a blogger is leaving comments. You may think this doesn’t matter or make a difference, but IT DOES. We truly love getting genuine thoughts and feedback when we post something… and if you absolutely love something you read, go ahead and pass it on. We totally feel the love when you do. It is a reminder that what we write and share matters.

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