Paint : The Inspiration to be Brave


Paint Inspiration Brave

Paint. The word makes me feel excited about possibility and potential,
but also terrified of at the same time. What am I really afraid of… in art? In Life?

I am afraid that if I step outside the bounds of what is normal, safe and accepted…
if I explore my braver, more creative side,
I will discover that I am a failure… that I am ordinary and insignificant.

I am afraid of uncovering the truth that I operate on wishful thinking
and that deep in my core I am really no good.
I am afraid people will see right through me
and discover that I have no idea what I am doing.

The problem with being afraid is it paralyzes me.
I am so afraid of getting it wrong, that I don’t try.
I remain stagnant and lifeless.

The truth is that the beauty is truly found in the midst our chaos.
In our mess. In our doubt. In our mistakes.

Trying is where life actually happens.
There is freedom in trying, and finally letting go.
There is freedom in being brave, even if it is for one moment.

Being afraid to fail is perhaps the biggest failure of all,
because we were meant to live real, messy, extravagant, passionately-brave lives.

I am ready to be brave. Will you be brave with me?

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