Newborn Photographer | Belleville, IL ~ Baby Stella


Everyone loves babies. As a photographer I especially love capturing them. So precious indeed… and little Baby S was no different. I feel so blessed to be given to honor to capture her first portraits!

Babies are one of the most popular subjects to write poetry about. Here is a darling poem from

I Love You

© Umanga Wijesena
I love your brown eyes
I love your button nose
I love your messy morning hair
and your teeny, tiny toes
I love your big bright smile
and your little pearly whites
I love your pointy chin
and your silky smooth skin
I love your long little fingers
and your chubby little cheeks
I love your ducky walk
and your never ending talk
I love it when you sing
and start splashing the bath
I love it when you sleep
snuggled in my arms
I love you with all my heart
no matter what it may be
Sometimes I love for no reason
and sometime because your my sweet honeybee.



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