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Organizing Life Chore Planner

In my last post, Overwhelmed Mommies, Finding Ever-Elusive Balance, I discussed the challenges I had been having staying on top of all my responsibilities as a caring wife, first time mommy to a busy new toddler, and a small business owner. I mentioned a little about how having things in writing and on a schedule helped me deal with some of my stress. It helped make everything feel much more manageable. This post is a sample of what an ideal day for me could look like.

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My weeks don’t always work out for me like they appear on this list. Some days we have to be flexible for our daughter’s sake, or if we have other things going on. I feel better having something written out to ensure the things that we value actually get worked into our crazy lives. We aren’t perfect and don’t hit the mark all the time, but having it on my calendar and with reminders on my phone keep me from going too many days without coming back to this list.

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about remembering the vision, and coming back to it when we veer off track”

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Your family’s values and schedule may look completely different than ours, but I thought I would share ours to give some ideas of some possible ways to arrange everything with a little one. I try to get some things done during Olivia’s awake time, but I try not to be distracted from her for very long. I may spend a little bit of time to get a head start on something while she entertains herself (I hear a little bit of this is actually really good for them at this age), but then I try to wrap it up quickly and go back to spending time with her, teaching her, cuddling her & playing with her. How long she is able to occupy herself can vary from day to day so I try to be flexible with my to-do’s during her wake times.

And they are only this little for a short time. I don’t want to be so busy that I miss these sweet years with her! <3

MARRIAGE PRIORITIES: Our main one right now is committing to two date nights minimum a month. (One semi-fancy date like a sit down dinner, and one thrifty/free date/outing.) We may be able to increase this later on but this feels like a realistic start for us right now. We NEED this time to “date” each other as a married couple.


7:30AM: Baby & Mommy Wakeup & Breakfast

8:00AM: Sip Coffee while having short Quiet Time: Prayer, Read Old Testament Portion of the day’s reading from the One Year Bible

8:15AM: Wash Face, Brush Teeth & Hair, Simple Makeup (if going out)

8:30AM: Workout (for me, this is yoga or pilates, or home workout DVD’s – sometimes I skip this and just do the morning walk with Baby if I have limited time or if Baby needs Mommy)

9:30AM: Baby Light Morning Snack

10:00AM: Morning Walk with Baby in the neighborhood, with Prayer Time

11:30AM: Lunchtime

12:00PM: Baby Naptime:

This is where I try to get a lot of stuff done: Household Chores 15-20 minutes – most days (See Graphics below), and then a Quick Shower if I worked out that morning.

With the rest of the nap time, I either Work my Business (Mon, Tues, Thurs) or have Leisure or Blogging Time (Wed, Fri) or do our Meal Planning (twice a month)

2:30PM: Baby Afternoon Snack

3:00PM: Baby to the Park

5:00PM: Start Cooking Dinner

6:00PM: Dinnertime with Husband & Baby, catch up on talking about our days

6:30PM: Family Time (in our house Jay plays with Olivia for a while to get their daddy-daughter time)

7:30PM: Baby Bathtime & Bedtime Routine

8:30PM: Baby Bedtime, then Mommy Shower & Wash Face

9:00PM: Work on my Business if I need to finish more work (Sometimes I extend this out longer and push back my bedtime) / On the weekend this is our couples’ time

10:30PM Read New Testament Portion of the day’s reading from the One Year Bible, Prayer, Leisure Reading (if I have time)

11:30PM Bedtime (hopefully sleep for about 8 hours)

My Chores Graphic
My Chores Graphic


Now it’s your turn!!

Your Chores Graphic 1
Your Chores Graphic 1
Your Chores Graphic 2
Your Chores Graphic 2

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P.S. I would love to hear ways you prioritize the things that matter in your life, and how you talk about it with your spouses. How are you vision-casting for your family or marriage? Leave a comment here or twitter hashtag #fitlvisioncasting @pbianca10 or instagram hashtag #fitlvisioncasting @pbianca10

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