Kaylee Mae Rainy-Day Shoot ~ Child Photography (Rocklin, CA)

Kaylee Rainy Day Photoshoot

This little lady has the biggest personality! I loved shooting these adorable rainy-day photos of little-miss Kaylee in her rain gear. We stomped around in puddles and basically had a blast. We were able to capture some of her real laughs and smiles in time for her birthday party later that week.

Just goes to show you that wet weather doesn’t have to get you down when you are a photographer. We caught a break in the rain for about 15 minutes when it was just sprinkling a little bit. In fact, the cloud cover made for the pretty diffused light that is fantastic for portraits, and the bright colors of her raincoat were really able to stand out. BP signature handwriting


Hope you enjoy these shots as much as I did taking them! <3

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