5+ ways to build a relaxing mood in your home {after a long hard day of work}


Think of your 5 senses when getting yourself in the mood for sleep, or the weekend. After watching my daughter all day this is a treasured time for me when I can recharge, refocus, and have some much needed me time or couple time. This is important with a little one in the house because we are often so focused on her, our evenings are sometimes the first time when we can focus on each other, say hi, and talk about our day.

 1. {Visual : Lighting} Dim the lights. Overhead lighting can often be harsh so in the evenings when we are trying to wind down, so I like to switch to lamps and candles. These are more soothing and help trigger your mind to start calming down for sleep. Studies show that lights should be placed near the level of your head especially if you are reading, because floor lamps that shine down over your face can actually stress you out and make it harder to wind down for sleep.

This lamp would be a no-no, even though they are popular. I am not suggesting not to buy one for your home, but if your goal is to wind down, I would keep this one off in the evening.

< This lamp would be a no-no, even though they are popular. I am not suggesting you shouldn’t buy one for your home, but if your goal is to wind down, I would keep this one off in the evening.
< This one is more like it. Placed on a side table puts it at an ideal height, and the warm bulb and shade gives warm, soothing, soft light.

 2. {Smell} Light a scented candle: Though visually this is part of no.1, lighting a candle can stand as its own step because it stimulates your sense of smell. Or you can peel an orange, have it as a healthy snack, then run the peel down your garbage disposal — INSTANT ROOM FRESHENER. Smell is strongly associated with happy memories and relaxes us. I like fall scents or sweet dessert smelling scents.

Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite places to buy candles. They have awesome sales throughout the year, as well as great coupons. (They have this great deal running right now: 2 of their large 3-wick candles for $22 – it’s a great time to stock up on holiday scents.)

< This is one of my favorite scents. Pumpkin and Cinnamon? Come on, of course! Makes you just want to cuddle up and listen to Christmas Carols. <3

3. {Taste : Treats} Chocolate, a glass of wine, hot cocoa or tea: These treats not only offer great health benefits but make you feel relaxed and happy. And after a hard day at the office or caring for kids at home, you’re earned it.


4. {Hearing : Beautiful Sounds} Soft music is one of my favorite ways to wind down. I turn on some worship music, relaxing folk music, or classical which really gets me in the mood for sleep. I feel like it helps me reset and shed all my stress and anxieties so that I can breathe and enjoy the peace. I love Norah Jones, Jewel, Ingrid Michaelson, & Josh Garrels.

5. {Touch} This can be accomplished by changing into a pair of jammies, a soft robe or blanket, and cozy slippers. Or another great way to wind down is take a warm bubble bath.

< Or I love the idea of slipping into something easy and cosy like this.

 Technically there are only 5 senses but I like to add a 6th step which is taking care of your intellectual & spiritual sides. This could be reading a book or scripture, praying for loved ones. Sometimes we do this together, other times I just do this on my own. I also like having my funny bone tickled before bed, so some nights we like to wind down with a short tv show and laugh together, or play a board game.

< I am currently reading A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.

 Everyone needs their down time, and a soothing space to disconnect after a long time, whether you work outside of the home, own your own business, or are a stay at home mom. This is a universal human need regardless of what occupation we enjoy.

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P.S. What are some of your favorite ways you disconnect at the end of the day? What are your tips for setting a relaxing mood in your home? I love to hear from you!

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