Just an introduction

This blog is a long time in coming. I have been terrified about the idea of writing about some of the things that are on my heart, but I finally got to the point where I just had to take the plunge and do it, thanks to the Lord’s leading and encouragement from loved ones.

You will find a lot of posts here about Marriage, Being a Mom, & Romanian Culture, as well as fun Home Ec topics like Crafting, Cooking, Quilting,  Sewing, DIY, & Couponing.


Hi, my name is Paula. I am a Romanian lady in my late 20′s. My family and I immigrated to the US in 1990 as political refugees from the communist dictatorship in Romania for religious freedom. I was just a wee little toddler at the time, but I grew up understanding the rare gift of freedom we have here in America to live out our faith without fear of death or imprisonment.

I am married to Jay a.k.a. Jaybells, a wonderful man of integrity and my very best friend. I am also a first time mommy to a sweet little girl, Baby Olivia! We are a US Air Force family, which has its own set of perks and challenges. We have a lovely Cocker Spaniel dog named Toby who is definitely one of the family.

I am also a professional portrait and event photographer, and have owned my own business, Bianca Portraits since 2008.

I am a struggling, flawed individual with a lot of insecurities, but God has been, and is, continuing to take me on a journey and teach me what it means to be a faithful woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. I do not have it all figured out (I feel like I am constantly making mistakes), but I thought maybe if I could share parts of my journey here with you, maybe I could offer at least one person a little bit of hope or taste of joy. If nothing else, writing things out helps me process life better.

I want this blog to offer a voice of encouragement to tired, discouraged and confused women, whether they are young and single, wives, or mothers. I love seeing women who can be a real encouragement to one another and really hold one another up on this journey, instead of tearing one another down and constantly comparing as we are all prone to do. I hope to do my part in contributing to this sisterhood with this blog.

Confession: I am a pretty crafty person. I love making things, they have such a personal touch as gifts or to beautify our home. Since I have gotten married, I have become obsessed with the Home-Ec world. I love discovering and trying new or (even better) old tricks for keeping a home a warm and inviting place. I am really excited about getting back to our roots, and using wholesome vintage-inspired methods to homemaking. I do believe women can be so much more than just homemakers, but I also believe we are gifted with a unique ability to make a home a safe and beautiful place where the heart can really feel at rest and families are nurtured. Why not embrace both sides… rocking it in the home AND out in the marketplace?

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