My Favorite Moments from Christmas 2012

I love Christmas. It is such a sweet time of celebration. I love the Christmas story and taking time to reflect on how our Savior came into this world, and the journey He went on to make a way for us. Its neat to think about something so big and significant coming from such humble beginnings. I love gathering around the table with family… eating and laughing together. I love praying for one another for the upcoming year. And next year, our sweet daughter Olivia Grace will be born and be able to share the magic with us. I can’t wait.

Here are a few of my favorite highlights from this Christmas…

Toby posing for mama under our tree.

Toby begging for scraps.

Our festive table.

My mother’s tree is always darling.

My brother Lucas crashed out after opening presents.

Group shot of the whole family. (This was not easy to get).

My sweet mom and dad having a moment Christmas morning.

My cute little brother, Lucas.

My other little brother, Walter, opening his gift card for Dimple Records.

This is one of my favorite shots of our tree. Simply magical. And next year we will have a little one running around to enjoy the glow. 🙂

Oh and the food… Mmm. Partying Romanian style!



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