Senior Portrait Photography | McKendree College ~ Gabby Johnson Class of 2013

GABBY JOHNSON CLASS OF 2013 - Senior Portrait Photography {}

Miss Gabby Johnson is graduating Class of 2013 next summer, and we just finished this ADORABLE shoot for her Senior Portraits in the historic town of Lebanon, IL.

Seriously, if you have never visited Lebanon, you are missing out on experiencing the most darling tiny vintage town, with a lot of impressive historic significance. Fun Fact: Charles Dickens spent the Christmas before he wrote A Christmas Carol there, which is believed to be directly inspired by the town. No joke, some of the shop names are even the same (Fezziwigs?)… and every Christmas they hold this big Victorian Christmas event on the Main Street complete with Victorian Winter garb & caroling. Its really something!

Enough about the setting… back to our star, Gabby Johnson! We did part of the shoot on the grounds of McKendree College in Lebanon (one of the oldest colleges in the state — also incredibly darling), and then the rest on the Main Street of Lebanon. This girl has such a sweet sophisticated sense of fashion, as you can see. And she took to the camera like a fish in water. It always amazes me how these high schoolers take to modeling for the camera. There is something about being 18-ish, and on the cusp of adulthood that gives you an extra boost of confidence.

Gabby was incredibly sweet and endearing both on and off the camera. Her sweet mother came along for the shoot and they even got to take a couple of mother-daughter shots together. Another cool detail was the pretty yellow quilt she posed on for some shots was a special handmade family quilt. I love a good family history prop.

Anyway… you really need to go scroll down and check out her photos. I know there are a lot, but seriously, she looks lovely in so many — I just couldn’t choose.

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