Need some tips for taking your next self portrait? Look no further…


Check out this blog post by an incredible blogger team at A Beautiful Mess. Next time your work calls for a last minute head shot… be it for a blog post, a piece your are writing, an award… or simply because you are bored of your social media profile photo, you may be in a position where you need a self portrait fast. The writer of this post discusses tips she learned after being challenged to do a self portrait every day for a year as a challenge to try new techniques. My favorite tip was the fact that she does in fact hand-hold her camera, but does it in a special way so that her arms dont show up weirdly and distractingly in the final product. She uses a wide angle lens to capture more space in the room and then is able to crop in so that her arms are not highlighted, or even featured in some cases. I won’t give away all her tips, you just have to read her post to learn the rest. 😉

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