Nashville Road Trip 2012

Driving down the open road, passing a “super” water tower and cool looking bridges. I even snapped a cliche photographer self portrait (essential to any road I bring my camera along for.)

Jay and I decided to get away for the weekend over Memorial Day. He had a long weekend off of work, so we decided to visit Nashville Tennessee. We had never been before, and it was within driving distance. We had both been antsy for an adventure, and had an awesome time, as you can see.

We passed by some really beautiful vintage country side spots while driving through Kentucky: A quaint old barn… gorgeous countryside. If serenity were a place, it would be here. And I love Kentucky’s slogan: “unbridled spirit.”

We enjoyed a breathtaking sunset through the trees at Centennial park. Doesn’t that bench swing make you wanna sit back, rock, and read a book?

Centennial Park in Nashville Tennessee has amazing flower beds… and the lighting just before sunset was breathtaking.

We found a cool statue of a soldier right in the center of the park, and some firemen waved at use as they passed through the park. Kinda neat! We even got to sneak up on this little guy (see adorable squirrel in bottom right.)

And of course, a visit to Centennial Park is not complete without visiting the gigantic Parthenon replica. Truly beautiful, we really had to stand there for a little bit to take it all in.

My favorite shots of the Parthenon were these first two which the sunset shining through the column-lined hallway, and glowing across the beautiful mosaic ceiling. There were a few families getting photos taken on the front steps, and one group asked Jay to take a few shots with their camera. What a good sport!

We learned a little about the historical background of the hill this park is on, and its role in defending the people of the area during war-time. Jay and I really appreciated the memorial with its patriotic engravings. God Bless America!

Then we strolled over to the big fountains on the other end of the park. There were a few kids riding their bikes around, and a lot of people just taking in the serenity. Just take a look at those tiny flowers in the soft sunset light. So delicate…

More pretty landscaping… and I even caught a boy riding his bike in the background of one. Neat…

This is another cool military memorial in the park in the form of a ship.

And as we left the park, we passed a few more tuscan style pottery adorning the old bridge…

We stopped for dinner at Rotiers Restaurant and enjoyed choosing a meat of our choice and three southern style sides. Meat n’ Three!

Finally we headed back to the hotel through part of downtown, for a much needed rest. What a great day!

The next day we visited downtown Nashville, and walked around and passed by all the Honky-Tonks. It was so cool walking down the sidewalk… smelling all the awesome southern cooking, and hearing bands play every few feet. There were quite a few street performers as well. We saw these funny dogs parked outside of one of the venues… I call them Nashville Roadie Puppies. Haha.

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