Geocaching in Southern Illinois!

If you have never gone Geocaching… it is a blast. Its a great activity for people of all ages, a great way to get outdoors and have adventures, and an awesome way to learn about your local area. Its basically a modern day treasure hunt. People hide or bury their “treasures” all over in nature or cities and hunters use GPS to track down their general location, and then hunt to find the exact spot. Once you find the spot you get to uncover what other people buried as their treasure, and put your name in the log book. It is fascinating to learn about what other people call their treasures and imagine the stories behind their objects. Its a blast… grab some friends and go try it! You can use a GPS device or even your smartphone with GPS enabled! 😀

Toby is REALLY excited to go treasure hunting!

Tiffany is determined.


it could be anywhere around here… We are hunting with some very experienced Geocachers. Can’t you tell?

Toby is very proud of himself for being a big help.

Our Resident Geocaching Professional, Scott.

“Hi Mom!!”

At last… the treasure!

Jay’s favorite part.

Signing our names in the log book. Last finding was in 2009!

Tiffany’s focused face as she and Kevin logs our find in their notebook.

Toby is on his own hunt, now.

My fluffy dog is having a blast!

My man, snapping a photo of me. Sneaky! (And I got him right back…)

The adorable couple!

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