Choosing Your Wedding Photographer ~ Wedding Tips


  • Start by taking the time sit down with your future spouse to write out your dreams of what you want your wedding to be. (This is important to have for all your other wedding arrangements, so don’t skip this step.) If you are not able to articulate the feel or theme you want at your wedding, any photographer will have a hard time meeting your expectations. With all the stress of wedding planning and details, you can turn this into a fun bonding time as you dream together.
  • Make a list of your non-negotiables, wishes, desired price range, as well as your vision for any extra pre-wedding shoots. It also helps to sort these in order of priority. (Some photographers will have you fill out a wedding photography questionaire to help you organize your thoughts and find out if you are a good match – this is a plus.)
  • Once you have a vision for your day, you can begin researching photographers. If you do this out of order, you could end up overwhelmed by the masses of photographers in the wedding market. Your dreams for your day are going to be what help you sort through all the options out there. Look at each photographer’s portfolio. Start bookmarking the ones that are possibilities from your list, as well as ones that stir your heart but are a little outside the box. Be willing to try something new, while still staying true to yourself.
  • Once you have the list narrowed down to a manageable size, take the time to meet with each potential photographer and be ready with a list of questions and your dreams for your day. Don’t be afraid to bring clippings or links to shots that really caught your eye. Most photographers would be more than willing to try something new and give you something unique. Once they hear from you, it may also be beneficial to hear what their creative vision for you photos is. Remember that many photographers also double as mini wedding planners.

Important details to coordinate with a photographer are:

  1. Your style preference for your wedding photos: Black and White, Color, Sepia, Journalistic, Posed, Traditional, Elegant or Whimsical?
  2. Your desires for additional sessions such as: Engagement, Bridal, Boudoir, Trash The Dress or Cherish The Dress?
  3. Timing and setting of your event? Morning, afternoon, evening, or indoor events all require different lighting and settings to provide the best elements for amazing photos. The season your event occurs in can also impact this, as well as weather. Make sure your photographer is comfortable shooting in the your weddings lighting setting.
  4. Your wedding theme? If you have a theme, your photographer may be able to incorporate themed elements into your pre-wedding photography as well as into your wedding portraits themselves.

Happy Dreaming and Happy Hunting! Remember this is your day!

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