On the Other Side of the Camera ~ My Wedding Day (Roseville, CA)

I recently got married. February 20th was a blur of excitement, nerves, and schedules, however some of my most treasured memories were created that day. As a professional photographer, selecting a photography company to capture my special day was extremely important. If it were possible to photograph our wedding myself, I would have. I suppose that it comes after years of photographing other people and developing a sense of what you like or dislike, it is difficult to trust someone else to do it for you. My independent personality already made this a challenge. To say the least I can be a pain in the butt.

I was blessed to have my former employer, Norcal Candids Photography offer to team up with White Window Photography to do my wedding day portraits and candids for free. This arrangement ended up being the next best thing. As a previous event photographer at Norcal Candids Photography, we agreed that in return I would put in my own labor for retouching, and both companies involved would be able to use the photos for promotion.

NCC and WWP did an excellent job capturing the day in such a precious and creative way. I was very pleased. Even with my type-A photography schedule-slash-wishlist, they did an amazing job staying close to my somewhat unrealistic expectations for the day. Oh my goodness I wanted the pictures to turn out great so badly, and they did! Even with challenges of limited natural light due to the dark skies of a winter wedding, the pictures were lovely. We opted to do our portraits before the ceremony during the brighter part of the day and while hair and makeup were still fresh. This freed us up once the wedding began to really spend time with out guests without having to run off for an hour for pictures. Leslie of NCC and Shannon of WWP did a great job of capturing this epic day’s precious moments in both flash and natural lighting. They were professional, calm, and experienced. I still have my work cut out for me, as I now have hundreds of photos to go through and retouch, while our loved ones anxiously wait to finally see them, but the experience was extremely rewarding.

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