Hey there, Storytellers!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Paula Bianca. I am a storyteller, photographer, and entrepreneur. I started my business Paula Bianca Photography, based in the Sacramento area in March of 2006.

My vision is to help people like you make their precious moments with their loved ones matter — and last. Its about quality time and making memories, and documenting our personal histories for our loved ones. I believe it is up to us to be the storymakers and storytellers for our families. I help people become better storytellers and memory-keepers.

I am also a wife of 6 years to my love and best friend, Jay, and momma to two sweet girls, Olivia, age 3 1/2 and Emma, age 7 months. We are a military family, which means we have to move around occasionally, but we call Northern California home.

I am a miscarriage survivor, and our sweet Emma is our wonderful rainbow baby after losing our 2nd child. (Till we meet again, sweet baby) If any of you have gone through this and need to talk, I would love to connect with you.

I love journaling, scrapbooking, crafting cards and handmade paper decor, and cooking tasty meals and desserts. I occasionally do a little bit of amateur quilting and I just LOVE writing and receiving hand-written letters. I would do just about anything for a good piece of cheesecake (come-on!) or a nice long interrupted nap (anyone wanna come over and watch my kids?)

I would love to help you capture beautiful milestones with your loved ones and give you the tools to become a better memory-keeper and storyteller. I offer my own photography services as well as photography classes for parents, kids, and beginners, to help you develop the skills to capture your own everyday story with beautiful images. I also have a private Memory-Keepers Community on Facebook where I share all kinds of free support and tools for all my storytellers.

XO, Paula Bianca